Tomata Marmalade – The Virginia House-Wife, pg. 203-204 / Mary Randolph


Tomata Marmalade
Gather full grown tomatas while quite green, take out the stems and stew them till soft, rub them through a sieve , put the pulp on the fire seasoned highly with pepper, salt, and pounded cloves: add some garlic, and stew all together till thick; it keeps well, and is excellent for seasoning gravies, &c. &c.
Tomata Sweet Marmalade
Prepare it in the same manner, mix some loaf sugar with the pulp, and stew until it is a stiff jelly.

I love Mary’s word ‘tomatas’!  I can just hear her and the cooks in her kitchen saying this.

This recipe can be made either at the beginning of the tomato season when you might want to thin out the fruit on your plants or in the fall when green tomatoes are left on the vine and frost is due. Using the boiling water bath method you can put the marmalade up for use all year. I’d use small jelly jars.